SkyRider aeroplane seats to make sitting more like standing


Fancy a cheap seat that could save you money the next time you fly? You might get your wish if you can stand a saddle all the way to your next destination.
Set to be shown next week, the SkyRider is a new class of aeroplane seat designed to offer customers an even more budget flight than they may already have. Developed by Aviointeriors, the new seats would force you to sit up-right as if riding a horse saddle, but obviously wouldn’t be for everybody as they offer a little less than 60 centimetres (23 inches) of room.
Images from Aviointeriors
Currently, budget airlines such as Jetstar, Tiger, and Virgin Blue offer a “no frills” service without free food or entertainment, but at least they still offer seats. If the SkyRider seats were to be used, customers would essentially be able to purchase cheaper seats that could get them from point A to point B in less comfort.
We’ve likened the seats to something you might find on one of those vertical drop rides at an amusement park, and while we can’t imagine it would be the most comfortable ride for an international flight (can you scream “cramp” at the top of your lungs?), for the short flights up the coast to see your parents, it could potentially save you some money, if not give your chiropractor something more to work on.