The Nevo SL can put all of your audiovisual devices as well as digital media content at your fingertips. It features a built-in (and updateable) library of remote control codes to incorporate the functions of your TV, DVD player and other AV devices, plus it can control media centre PCs via a Wi-Fi wireless network. With the special NevoStudio PC software, which can be configured by yourself or an installation expert, the Nevo can be adapted to your unique home-wide setup.

The Nevo is attractively styled, and has its own cradle to rest in. Half of the unit?s face is covered by 17 programmable backlit hard-keys, while the remainder is a 9 cm colour LCD touchscreen. A rich graphical user interface makes it easy to control complex devices, and can be re-skinned to different designs to suit your tastes.

The Nevo is a learning remote as well, so users can assign a function from another remote to a key of their choice.

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