SlingBox family of products heading for Australia

Digital Products Group has announced that it has been appointed by Sling Media Inc. as the distributor of Slingbox in Australia and plans to launch the brand’s first products in late March 2009.

Slingbox is a revolutionary product that is capable of streaming content from a home television source, including Digital FTA TV, set-top boxes, PVRs / DVRs or payTV boxes, to a laptop or desktop computer (PC or Mac) in and around the house. Additionally, customers who have a high speed broadband connection such as ADSL 2+ that features upload speeds of 256kbps per second or higher, Slingbox can even stream TV signals outside the home to just about anywhere you can receive a high-speed network connection.

In addition to the ability to view your home TV on a laptop or desktop computer from just about anywhere in the world, with SlingPlayer Mobile you can view your home TV on the go with a compatible 3g or WiFi -capable mobile phone, some of the current compatible handsets include BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile and soon to be released on iPhone.


Slingbox SOLO: allows for the connection of 1 AV source with your choice of connecting via composite, S-Video or Component plus one pass through for the chosen input. RRP. $349 Available late March 2009.


Slingbox PRO: allows connection of up to 3 separate sources and includes an integrated analog/digital TV tuner. Connections include composite, S Video, component and RF analog/digital TV tuner, all input have a pass through. The SlingBox PRO has an RRP of $499, and will be zvailable late March 2009.

SlingCatcher (pictured top of page): with its included remote control, allows customers to access and control any device connected to a Slingbox – for instance a PVR, STB or PayTV Box – located in another room in the house or even on a remote TV.

With SlingCatcher you can now watch your home TV on another TV. The SlingCatcher also allows customers to watch online video from any popular site on the internet on your big screen TV. Simply highlight the the video window on your PC and the audio and video will sling up to the TV in full screen. And finally, connect a standard USB hard drive or USB flash drive and the SlingCatcher can playback on the TV most personal media stored on the hard disk, including home movies, personal videos, internet video downloads, etc. SlingCatcher will have an RRP of $499, and be available late March 2009.

SlingLink TURBO 4 Port: if you don’t have a Ethernet socket behind your TV the Slinglink allows you to use your Power Point instead, and with network connections for multiple devices such as PVR, game console, TV or computer, you can connect all your devices easily to the internet. You can expand your network and add up to 16 SlingLinks (up to 64 networked devices) throughout your house. Pricing and availability to be confirmed.

SlingLink Turbo

Source: Digital Products Group