Smartphone gaming gains control with Moga

It’s not quite an Xbox controller, and yet it looks a little like one, with a new portable gaming platform coming for your mobile phone.

Designed to work with any Android smartphone or tablet, the Moga is a new type of gaming system that takes advantage of your regular smartphone to let you play the titles available on it, except without needing to use the sometimes clunky controls that a regular touchscreen may have.

Rather than rely solely on smarts and a screen inside the controller – like a conventional portable gaming system – the Moga allows you to play against a smartphone screen, with your designated device resting in a cradle above the controller.

“Mobile devices are capable of console quality graphics today, but providing precision control is the key,” said John Moore, Vice President of Product Development and Marketing for PowerA, the company behind the Moga.

“With Moga we are unleashing the power of today’s smartphones and tablets to enable console quality gaming experiences that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere.”

The key to this system is knowing that there isn’t a cartridge inside, as the entire gaming console is the controller, with the operation connecting to your smartphone over Bluetooth and allowing you to play gaming titles where ever you take your phone or tablet and Moga controller.

Some apps will be designed specifically for the Moga controller, and will allow game development companies to build titles specifically for the controller.

At launch, you can expect games from Sega, Rockstar, and Gameloft to take advantage of the Moga controller, with more precision available in games than just using your fingers to aim and play.

Bluemouth in Australia will be bringing in the Moga, with availability later this year. Pricing has yet to be announced.