Smartphones get an extra layer of skin from Bear Grylls

Most of us don’t have to worry about falling off mountains or getting lost in the forest, but if we did, at least it’s nice to know there’s an iPhone case that has the Bear Grylls seal of approval.

It’s not a real seal, though; rather, Bear has teamed up with Jivo Technology to create gadgets and accessories that are capable of surviving thuds, rocks, and drops, ruggedising smartphones with silicone casing that boasts “dual shock absorption.”

In Australia, Conexus is distributing the product range, which will consist of iPhone cases, iPad cases, laptop bags, and even a portable speaker that will stream your tunes over Bluetooth and resist a drop or two as you’re scaling a cliff face.

The products should be hitting stores soon, where the iPhone cases will retail for $49.95 and the speaker for $99.95, with prices to come for the other products.