Snapchat giving away free gelato based on classic Aussie treat

Snapchat Gelato Messina giveaway
Image: supplied.

Free gelato courtesy of Snapchat? Don’t mind if I do!

8 May is coming up, or “Mates Day” as it’s affectionately known by some Aussies, and Snapchat has teamed up with Gelato Messina for the occasion. As a result, you can score a free scoop of gelato across the country.

From midday onwards, just show your Snapchat app at a Gelato Messina store, and a free sweet treat is yours. It’s not just any old scoop either. Limited to the 8 May promo, it’s a Snapchat-inspired flavour called “Oh Snap!”

Made from vanilla custard gelato, the scoop blends passionfruit puree and caramelised puff pastry pieces to top things off. It’s intended to pay homage to the humble vanilla slice, also known as the rather unflattering “snot block” nickname. No matter what you call it, the taste is what counts.

Snapchat gelato oh snap flavour
I dunno about you, but I’d happily dunk my face in that tub. Image: supplied.

And as much as you might want to go back for more, it’s only one scoop per person. With limited-time promos like these, expect the delicacy to vanish quickly. So, if you’re keen for a zero-cost dessert, it might pay to get in early to avoid missing out.

Surry Hills residents also get some extra love, with the local store transforming into a Snapchat hub, replete with merch and photo ops. For all the details, head over to Gelato Messina’s website

A limited-time Snapchat filter will also be available to use on 8 May, accompanying the delicacy.

Anyone else hungry all of a sudden?

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