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Twitter and Facebook might be the biggest and most used social networks, but they’re not for everyone, as demonstrated by a new network designed to make cooking easier for budding chefs.

It’s called “My Recipe Jar,” and aims to help families share recipes with friends and strangers, effectively connecting people over a love of food.

“We started with a simple idea – a recipe jar in our kitchens, which would allow us to answer the eternal question: ‘what shall we have for dinner?'” said one of the creators, Emma Laurence.

“Every time we cooked a recipe we liked (and the kids would eat) we would add a note with the name, ingredients and source to our jar. Our little system seemed to be working, so we thought we would take it a step further enabling our jars to be accessed anywhere, anytime, to be edited and notated to our hearts’ content, and to be shared with our nearest and dearest.”

The solution took to the online world and has resulted in a social network that enables its users to logon over an iPhone or iPad app, look at recipes, search for recipes, share, and comment on what’s being made.

“My Recipe Jar is about connecting the people you love with the food you love, and never having to think about what to cook for dinner again,” said co-developer Ritu Bajaj.

The app is more than just a recipe tracker, with shopping lists able to be created and shared either thru email or SMS, meaning you can pass it on to another family member to help them get you the food you need to make dinner for the night.

Currently, the app is available for iOS devices only for a cost of $1.99, ten cents of which is donated to charity. Each app will include online storage for up to 50 recipes, with in-app purchases enabling more storage over time.

We’re checking with the developers to see if other operating systems will be added soon, though, as the omission of Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry means owners of these devices might be missing out.