SodaStream joins the capsule world with syrup pods

One of the world’s best selling (and only) home carbonation products is getting a better way of making soft drinks, as SodaStream shows off a selection of pods that can work with its machines.

Designed to minimise the mess and make sure drinks don’t have a problem with sugar ratios, SodaStream is bringing out a new way to make carbonated drinks.

It’s not completely new, as the design borrows from the style beverage and coffee machines are beginning to adopt, with the inclusion of pods or capsules, which SodaStream is now calling “caps.” You’ll still need the SodaStream appliance, as the Caps work with the SodaStream once you’ve carbonated some tap water.

The capsules are essentially pre-filled pods of syrup where the ratio has been worked out for customers ahead of time, so when someone wants to make a litre of cola, they merely have to carbonate the water and then pop the capsule on top, piercing the seal and letting the syrup mix with the water.

These capsules can only be used once, however, but can be recycled, meaning the plastic doesn’t just have to go to the waste, and can be thrown into the yellow recycling bins we’re all using.

“SodaStream is committed to innovation,” said Myles Anceschi, Managing Director of SodaStream in Australia, adding that “SodaStream Caps will define the next generation of soda drinking.”

In Australia, the Caps will be made available in boxes of eight for just under $10, with each capsule making a litre of soft drink, and with two styles of boxes. The “mixed” classic will include cola, lemon-lime, orange, and pink grapefruit, with two of each flavour inside, while the “Naturals” range will come with apple-peach, fresh lemon, kiwi-pear, and green tea lychee.

Overseas, SodaStream has teamed up with Kool-Aid and Crystal Light to make some licensed drinks, but in Australia, it’s pretty much just what SodaStream makes itself.

We checked with representatives for the company to see if any other drink varieties were on the way, and while it’s doubtful either Schweppes or Coca-Cola Amatil will be releasing anything for the machines (Coca Cola will have its own machine in America soon), SodaStream also has some alcoholic “happy hour” mixer varieties in the upcoming pipeline, though from what we understand, they won’t have alcohol in them, but rather be made to work with alcohol. If you want to carbonate your alcohol, you may just have to do it the good ‘ol fashioned way, just be careful, though, as this can be problematic for your kitchen.  

For now, the SodaStream Caps can be found in stores across Australia, compatible with one litre bottles and available in boxes of eight for $9.95.