Someone is reading your comment cards, and Breville proves it

You know those cards that come with every product asking you for your feedback, and how valuable it is? Well apparently someone is reading them.

While checking out some of Breville’s new equipment (we’ll have a story on this soon!) the company showed us something it has been doing for years: reading the comment cards that are sent back by its customers.

It’s almost something of a myth, but people do fill out the comment cards that arrive with products, and then send them in.

According to Breville’s Design and Innovation Director, Richard Hoare, these are still read by employees, allowing the company to help them improve their products.

“We still get all of these, we type them all up, and we distribute them throughout the business,” said Mr. Hoare. “You can see if people are struggling with something, and you can understand what they love.”

So if you ever wondered if your comments or complaints were getting ignored, worry no more. Someone is paying attention, and the information is helping companies  like Breville improve their products.

Keep at it, people. Keep at it.