Soniq cuts costs with a $799 55 inch Full HD telly

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Every year, the average size for TV purchases changes, and while last year 47 inches was where it was at, this year it’s all about 55 inch tellies, with prices dropping below a grand.

JB HiFi house brand Soniq has this week joined the fray for cut price big screen TVs, throwing a 55 inch Full HD TV in the mix for a hair under $800.

The TV packs in the “smarts” that most brands now come with, including a dual core CPU and a quad core graphics chip, running it with Android 4.2 “Jelly Bean” to let you play games, apps, as well as music, movies, and TV shows from Google’s Play Store. Social networks can also be accessed here, with Facebook and Twitter available, while YouTube watching can also happen on this set.

Connections for the TV include four HDMI ports (1.4), two USB 2.0, one USB 3.0, component, composite, D-Sub VGA, antenna, Ethernet, WiFi, and even an SD card reader, providing plenty of options if you want to watch movies from USB or memory card, or even tackling your storage that might be on your home network.

In fact, the only thing missing from the package appears to be 3D, with Soniq moving past the technology for this sub-$1K TV.

“Our goal has and always will be to offer Aussies the best technology at the best price and this product does just that,” said Song Su, General Manager at Soniq.

“Consumers want a big screen but they also want to stay connect online and with their multitude of devices, this TV allows them to do that without breaking the bank.”

Soniq’s claim for this TV is that it is “the cheapest on the market,” at least as far as Full HD Smart LED TVs go, which it might have been for a few minutes, that is until the other budget brands caught wind.

Now, Australians can find the Soniq for $799 at JB, while Kogan offers something similar for — you guessed it — the $799 price tag.

Aldi meanwhile is launching a $799 Full HD LED TV of its own, but from what we understand, it lacks the smarts on offer by Soniq and Kogan, meaning no Android there.