Soniq drops 55 inch TVs to just below $700

We’ve said all year that 2014 would be the year that 55 inch TVs became the average size for people, leading last year’s push on 47 inches, and with prices dropping, we can see why. JB HiFi’s house brand Soniq seems to be leading this charge, with a 55 inch falling to $699.

Yes, it’s a cheap TV, or a budget TV, or even an inexpensive TV, with the wording your call and the comfort going to your wallet, as Soniq cuts the cost of a 55 inch Smart TV with Full HD to a hair under $700, or $699 to be exact.

The TV includes a lot of the bells and whistles you’ve probably come to expect from a TV, with built-in WiFi, four HDMI ports, three USB ports, a dual-core CPU and quad-core GPU, and a copy of Android running as the platform for the Smart TV system from Cinavision.

“We’re committed to providing Australians with the best quality affordable televisions and with this saving, you can also afford to spoil your Dad this Father’s Day,” said Song Su, Soniq’s General Manager.

From what we can tell, it’s the same TV Soniq brought in around March, with a special Father’s Day-centric price for the season, though we wouldn’t be surprised to see Soniq leave it around for a little longer past its own September 14 cut-off date in an attempt to get rival cheap TV sellers heated up.

In fact, it’s competing right now with a Kogan 55 inch TV of a similar nature retailing for $649 (before delivery), and an upcoming Kogan 55 inch 3D TV which will retail for $699, also.

If 3D is a deal breaker for you, it is worth noting that Soniq’s 55 inch lacks this feature, though other models will come with that technology. If not and you’re in the market for a not-too-exy TV, Soniq may have the answer. Here’s hoping these sort of prices stick around for a while.