Soniq fixes the frame, does away with edges entirely

Frames aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and now that manufacturers have a better grasp on TV panels, it’s time to do what we can to give you as much picture as possible, as evident in Soniq’s borderless telly.

Take a look around most electronic stores and you’ll find frames. Not framed art, but frames on TVs, with small edges surrounding the screens we buy to watch movies and TV on. They’ve been reduced in recent years, with slimmer bezels, but most TV manufacturers still produce many a TV with frames, with the frame-less models fetching an arm, and quite possibly a leg.

This week, however, there’s a model out that won’t necessarily cost you a pair of limbs, with a Full HD 3D TV ditching the frame altogether and packing in smarts and support for 3D for just over a grand.

“We’ve made a name for ourselves in televisions and for good reason,” said Song Su, General Manager at Soniq in Australia.

“Our brand new borderless TV demonstrates our commitment to providing Australians with the best quality affordable electronics,” said Su, adding that “the borderless TV is just the first of a number of new products we’re rolling out in coming months, and we urge consumers to keep an eye out for the best deals.”

Aside for not having a frame and being edge-to-edge screen, consumers can look for a Full HD picture, 4 HDMI ports, one component, a single USB port, support for passive 3D (with four pairs of glasses), built in WiFi as well as an Ethernet port, and a dual-core chip working alongside a quad-core graphics chip for some element of Smart TV handled by Android.

While it doesn’t support the 4K goodness that is Ultra HD, Soniq’s take on how the frame should look on a TV is ready for action, with the 55 inch Soniq borderless TV available in JB HiFi stores now for $1099.