Sonos Roam 2 pairs quicker and easier than the original

Sonos Roam 2 speakers launch
Image: Sonos.

Announcing more than its debut headphones, Sonos also recently revealed the Roam 2, an improved version of its portable speaker made with ease-of-use in mind.

Alongside the long-awaited Sonos Ace headphones, the premium audio company refreshed its popular Bluetooth speaker with some quality-of-life tweaks. The speaker’s audio technology and battery remain the same – it’s more of a refresh than an entire overhaul.

What is different from the original, however, is the physical design. The Sonos Roam 2 has a separate button for power and Bluetooth functionality, and a monochromatic finish. Its logo now blends seamlessly into the rest of the speaker, resulting in a sleeker aesthetic.

Sonos Roam 2 buttons
The power and Bluetooth buttons are now separate. Image: Sonos.

Sonos also addressed one of the first Roam’s main frustrations with the second model. Previously, you had to set up the speaker via the Sonos app over Wi-Fi before using Bluetooth. Now, the Sonos Roam 2 lets you use Bluetooth out of the box, bypassing the odd initial process of its predecessor.

The app is still required for firmware updates and Trueplay, which tunes the speaker’s audio based on its surroundings. Sonos recently overhauled its app, although it hasn’t been a smooth transition. Customers expressed frustration at missing basic features like alarms, and the Sonos subreddit is filled with complaints about the new app.

The silver lining is that the Roam 2 no longer needs the app to get started. Like the first model, it also has an IP67 rating, meaning it’ll survive as a poolside speaker.

Sonos Roam 2 price and release date

Out now, the new and improved Sonos Roam 2 costs $299 in Australia. It’s available from the Sonos website and major tech retailers.

You can grab the portable speaker in Olive, Wave, Sunset, White, and Black finishes. It’s a much more portable and affordable Bluetooth speaker than the Sonos Move 2, although the trade-offs are audio power and battery life.

Sonos Roam 2 colours
Image: Sonos.

Based on the changes, if you already have a Sonos Roam, you likely don’t need to upgrade. However, for those without, the second iteration makes some solid usability improvements.

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