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The Sony 2018 TV and AV range were recently showcased to media and retailers. While Sony gear is always good, the 2018 range reflects a change in the corporate giant’s thinking. For the better as consumers are winners.

Sony, in recent years, has been accused of ‘falling in love with its brand’ left behind by other more agile, innovative companies. The mantra ‘It’s a Sony’ failed to resonate with millennials.

I have seen quite a change since I started following Sony in 2013. A change that has seen it become more user and product focused and less self-important. It is humbler now. Sony, at least in Australia, has a heart and Millenials are loving the brand again.

Which is why the Sony 2018 TV and AV range is so important to the brand.

Let’s look at 2018 TVs first

The 2018 TVs feature Android TV operating system (F denotes 2018 models). Many have Dolby Atmos sound (content required), Dolby Vision and HDR10. Android TV works with Google Home and some work with Alexa.

At the top is 4K OLED

  • A8F in 55 and 65-inch at $3,999 and $5,999

GadgetGuy has an A8F OLED currently in review. We will update this article shortly. The first impression is a stunning TV with all the OLED benefits backed by excellent Sony electronics.


In the middle is 4K Ultra HD LED

  • X85F in 65, 75, 85-inch at $3,499, $5,799 and $8,999
  • X90F in 55 and 65-inch at $2,799 and $4,099

Once we finish the OLED review, we will look at the UHD range. In launch demonstrations, the X85F was not far behind the OLED. The main difference is the LED versus OLED panel. Its LED is better in higher direct light viewing areas.

Entry level is Full HD LED (no Android OS)

  • W66F in 43 and 50-inch at $899 and $999

Some of the 2017 range (easily identified by an ‘E” after the model number) will be around for some time to fill in some niches like a 32” W66E at $699.

Sony has two 4K, HDR10, Dolby Vision, Hi-Res audio (24-bit/96kHz and 16-bit/44.1kHz), Dolby Atmos Blu-ray players.

  • UBP-X800, $499
  • UBP-X700, $349

Soundbars are in

Soundbars now outsell AV receivers 20-to-1 according to our spies at JB Hi-Fi. “It’s a really hard sell to justify a separate amplifier, speakers and more when you can walk out of the store with a very good sound bar that needs no expertise to set up or use.”

New models for 2018 include

  • HT-Z9RF, 5.1.2 channel, 400W Dolby Atmos, with Wi-Fi (and Google Assistant), Bluetooth and sub-woofer at $1,499 (this includes two rear wireless speakers)
  • HT-X9000F, 300W, 2.1 channel Dolby Atmos, with Bluetooth and sub-woofer at $799.

These feature Sony’s new vertical surround engine that replaces the need for up-firing speakers to hear sounds overhead. They are compatible with the latest 4K HDR standards, including Dolby Vision. In the demonstration, the vertical surround engine was highly effective on the classic Matrix movie lobby shooting scene.


AV Receivers – its home Theatre amps are excellent

There still is a need for discrete home theatre AV amps – if only for 4K HDMI switching and real 5.1.2 and 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos sound. It is what I would buy if I were still an audiophile.