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GoPro can’t have all the fun, and this year, Sony is bringing the goodness of 4K Ultra HD to its own compact sporting camera, and a little more oomph to a 4K Handycam.

Some are calling this the year Ultra HD takes off, and with TVs coming from every manufacturer that practically make the 8 megapixel resolution a norm for television watching, we can see why.

Video cameras have to change, too, because you’re going to need equipment that can make videos for these televisions, and Sony is getting ready with a couple of its own.

You’ll see it this year in the form of the FDR-X1000V (above), a new version of Sony’s pint-sized Handycam, capable of capturing Ultra HD’s 3840×2160 resolution at 24p, 25p, and 30p in either 100Mbps or 60Mbps, with high definition video also possible too.

There are quite a few settings on offer, with fast frame rates possible between 100 and 240 frames per second dependent on what settings you want, with 720p and 1080p supporting some of the settings, ideal if you’re keen to capture slow motion.

Wireless is supported on the camera through WiFi, GPS, and even a spot of Near-Field Communication for easy pairing, and the cameras can be plugged straight into a UHD TV with the microHDMI out.

A Carl Zeiss 170 degree lens will let you capture the ultra-wide videos, with images supported, too, shooting at either 8.8 or 2.1 megapixels, all in 16:9 (widescreen).

We’re told the testing of the camera has been pretty good so far, with skateboarder Tony Hawk saying that “the camera excelled in every shooting environment, producing stunning 4K footage unlike anything I’ve ever seen before out of a POV camera.”

It won’t be the only new action camera for Sony, either, with a Full HD model arriving in the AS200V, capable of similar features to the 4K action camera from Sony, but skipping out on the 4K sensor and going with one capable of 1080p Full HD and 720p HD instead.

Pricing and release has been announced for these in Australia, though, so if you’re keen to see Sony’s take on how a 4K action camera should work, you’ll find the FDR-X1000V UHD camera in stores from March for $549, with the Full HD model, the AS200V, in stores the same time for $399.

Meanwhile, Sony will also have an updated 4K Handycam coming, ideal for people who don’t normally use the action cameras and would prefer more control, as well as a degree of optical zoom.