Sony adds Quickflix to the Bravia feature list, PlayStation 3 to come later this year

Have a Sony TV? There’s some good news heading your way, as Sony expands its IPTV offerings, adding the Quickflix movie streaming service and Vice TV.

The announcement carries a price tag, although it’s not one that’s very high. For $15 a month, customers can watch an unlimited amount of streaming movies from Quickflix through Internet TV-connected Sony devices, such as the recent range of Sony TVs and Blu-ray players.

Another channel, Vice TV, has also been added, throwing in topics from youth culture, such as music, fashion, news, sports, and arts.

The news isn’t just limited to current TV owners, however, as new customers of Bravia TVs from today until Christmas will receive a 12 month subscription to the Quickflix channel.

PlayStation 3 owners also have something to celebrate, with Sony announcing that QuickFlix will be heading to the PS3 later this year.

“Over 1.3 million Australian consumers who own an internet connectable PlayStation 3 will have access to Quickflix’s on demand movie streaming service,” said Chris Taylor, CEO of Quickflix. “This is a significant moment in the evolution of IPTV delivered entertainment in Australia and a major development for our company.”

Quickflix is one of the largest online movie libraries in Australia, with a TV series and movie library made up of over 50,000 titles.