Sony announces the SRS-XV900, a powerful Bluetooth party speaker

Sony SRS-XV900 party speaker

Party speakers are all the rage, and Sony has a new one in tow: the SRS-XV900, the brand’s loudest X-series Bluetooth speaker to date.

Omnidirectional audio is one of the major drawcards here, with the SRS-XV900 blasting sound from all sides to fill a room. It’s designed to provide deep bass while generating strong mid and high frequencies through six tweeters distributed across the speaker’s front, side and back. Made for all-night raves, expect a 25-hour battery life from the speaker, with only 10 minutes of charging needed for a three-hour session.

Karaoke enthusiasts can plug in a microphone to belt out tunes, and guitarists can use the additional input slot to use the SRS-XV900 as an amp. For even more performance options, you can download the Sony Fiestable app to layer vocals via double tracking. Self-harmonising, anyone? Fiestable and the Sony | Music Centre apps also enable custom playlists, speaker lighting control, and audio effects to change your voice or add echo.

From a connectivity standpoint, the SRS-XV900 lets you connect up to 100 compatible Sony Bluetooth speakers for synchronised audio across multiple devices. This could be handy for large house parties happening across multiple rooms at once. Another feature party guests may find helpful in addition to Bluetooth phone connectivity is the ability to charge phones via the speaker. Also, it supports music playback through a USB connection, if you prefer a wired system. 

One thing to note with the SRS-XV900 is that it’s portable in the sense that you can use its handle to slide it around – not Wonderboom 3 portable, mind you. What this does mean, however, is that it can be moved to where the party is, and then moved back to the living room for use as a makeshift TV soundbar. Regardless of the TV brand you use, you can take advantage of the speaker’s TV Sound Booster mode via an optical cable, providing an enhanced audio experience over your TV’s onboard sound.

Out in Australia from the middle of October, the Sony SRS-XV900 party speaker will cost $1,299.

Between Sony, Ultimate Ears, Soundboks, and countless other audio brands, you’re spoilt for choice with party speaker options. Naturally, what suits you best depends on your budget, the intended purpose, and your preferred speaker size. The SRS-XV900 appears to be a direct competitor to the likes of Soundboks, for people with a bit of money and who want something big, bassy and powerful.

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