Sony Blu-ray home theatre systems – new for August 2009

These 3 new additions to Sony’s Blu-ray hardware family maximise the audio content of Blu-ray movies. The format not only excels at delivering full high definition images, but also brings to life the full dynamic range of audio for an unparalleled entertainment experience in the home.

BDVE300 Satellite Speaker

  • Features: Powerful 1000W (RMS) 5.1 channel, Blu-ray Disc Player, BD Live (Profile 2.0), DVD upscaling, iPod dock, satellite speakers, Digital Cinema Auto Calibration
  • Price: $1,199
  • Availability: Now

BDVE800W Wireless Rear Surround Speakers

  • Features: 5.1 channel audio, S-AIR wireless rear surround speakers, iPod dock, full Blu-ray Disc playback in 1080p via HDMI, BD Live (Profile 2.0), HD Audio decoding, XMB menu system, Digital Cinema Auto Calibration
  • Price: $1,699
  • Availability: Now

BDVIT1000 Slim Full Range Speaker Design

  • Features: All-in-one system, dual HDMI inputs, slim speaker technology, Blu-ray disc playback, BD Live, HD audio decoding, flexible “2 in 1” stylish speaker stand formation, S-Air wireless rear speakers and a Digital Media port
  • Price: $2,199
  • Availability: Now