Sony DSC-HX1 digital camera out next month

Sony Australia has unveiled the latest addition to its Cyber-shot H series, the flagship DSC-HX1. The HX1 is the first model in the Cyber-shot range to feature Exmor CMOS sensor technology, making it the world’s first compact digital still camera to allow continuous high-speed shooting of up to 10 frames per second at full 9.1-megapixel resolution.

Exmor technology has already been integrated into Sony’s other digital imaging ranges, including Handycam camcorders and the company’s line of α (“Alpha”) D-SLR cameras. The HX1 also features a 3-inch LCD tilting screen and offers a new Sweep Panorama mode that enables easy capture of breathtaking 224-degree panoramic scenes with one effortless press-and-sweep motion.

The combination of Sony’s exclusive Exmor CMOS sensor with the ultra fast BIONZ imaging processor significantly enhances imaging and processing technologies, ensuring users can capture images with significantly higher clarity and detail, complete with a wider range of shooting features.

Using the high-speed shutter Exmor sensor technology, the HX1 takes six shots within a fraction of a second and immediately superimposes them into one picture. The camera then calculates the position of objects in each frame and composes the sharpest picture possible.

Setting it apart from most digital cameras, which use an electronic shutter to achieve high speed, the HX1 has a mechanical shutter that helps reduce distortion when shooting a moving subject. It also features two scene modes, Hand-Held Twilight and Anti-Motion Blur, which reduce noise by up to 50 per cent, whilst maintaining outstanding colour reproduction. For difficult shots in low light, the hand-held twilight mode results in clearer and sharper pictures without the need of a tripod. Anti-motion blur uses high ISO to reduce blur especially in dimly lit environments.

Sweep Panorama function

The new Sweep Panorama function gives users a new way of capturing breathtaking panoramic scenes easily. By sweeping the camera in the desired direction, the Sweep Panorama mode lets you reach beyond the traditional wide-angle lens and capture stunning landscape images. With wide and ultra-wide settings and horizontal or vertical directions, Sweep Panorama mode can take up to 224-degree horizontal or 154-degree vertical shots.

Using the fast-speed Exmor CMOS sensor, the HX1 continuously shoots full-resolution images at high speed and then automatically stitches the pictures together to create a impressive panoramic image at maximum resolution 7152 x 1080 (ultra-wide horizontal).

The G Lens

Leveraging one of the advantages of Sony’s Alpha D-SLR cameras, the HX1 features the renowned G Lens, with extended zoom range for greater user flexibility in taking long distance shots. Optimised to complement and work in tandem with the Exmor CMOS sensor and BIONZ imaging processor, the outstanding 28-560 millimetre f/2.8-5.2 wide-angle lens delivers superb image quality by minimising chromatic irregularity and producing beautiful background blurs.

Shooting HD video

The flagship HX1 is the first model to offer 1080/30p HD movie shooting. Working with the extended zoom range on the H-series, the new movie recording function offers a wide range of composition possibilities from wide-angle to super telephoto. Incorporating a high quality, high compression MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 movie format, the HX1 allows for easy sharing and playback on a Full HD BRAVIA LCD TV via an HDMI cable. In addition, the PHOTOMUSIC feature lets users easily create slideshows that combine movie files with still images.

Intelligent Auto Mode

The convenient Intelligent Auto Mode combines Intelligent Scene Recognition (iSCN), Optical SteadyShot and Face Detection technologies to produce clearer images with more natural skin tones, reduced red-eye, fewer closed-eye shots and less overall blur, without compromising image quality. The iSCN feature detects up to eight scenes and automatically changes settings that will apply to the scene or lighting conditions. With the iSCN advanced feature, the HX1 takes a second shot when low or backlight is detected, allowing users to select the best picture.

A new selected-face memory function has been incorporated so that the camera registers one face (selected by the user) as the main face and adjusts focus, exposure, flash and white balance accordingly. The camera remembers the face every time that face shows up in the frame. The HX1 also features Smile Shutter technology that helps capture a smile the moment it happens and Dynamic Range Optimiser (DRO) technology that adjusts for contrast.