Sony Ericsson’s K660i – a mobile phone for the web savvy

9 April 2008

Sony Ericsson today announced the Australian availability of the K660i, an HSDPA (‘mobile broadband’) enabled phone. Featuring illuminated shortcut keys that only become active when surfing the net, landscape browsing of web sites to maximise the screen’s real estate, and in-built software like Google Maps for Mobile, the K660i is designed to make web browsing on the move as simple and convenient as it is on a desktop computer.

Google Maps for Mobile

The internet as you expect it to be The K660i makes mobile web browsing straightforward. The phone’s navigation key serves as a “magnetic mouse pointer” when in web mode, allowing you to find your way around the page just as you would on a computer. It indicates when a part of the page is clickable and where text input is possible.

Pan-and-zoom is just one of the web shortcut keys that sit under your thumb when viewing web pages in landscape mode, letting you choose a section on screen and zoom in to read or see it in more detail. The K660i also sports a bookmark function, a single click button that takes you back to your homepage and an ‘Enter Address’ shortcut – all intended to guide you through the web that much more efficiently.

The K660i has been engineered to ensure that you’re not kept waiting for the news or content that matters to you. The phone’s HSDPA technology allows for the download of music, video and email at speeds up to four times faster than regular 3G.

Sony Ericsson K660i mobile phoneMaps

Thanks to Google Maps for Mobile, the K660i keeps you grounded wherever you are, even in foreign cities. Find your way around instantly with interactive maps that let you zoom in or out, or pan in any direction, to orient yourself – much like a comprehensive street directory without the weight.

Enter your current location and destination and receive point-to-point directions. No fuss, no diversions.


The K660i squeezes a 2.0 megapixel camera into its compact frame, making it easy to capture ‘that moment’. And since the web is at your fingertips, it’s just a few clicks to upload your picture to your blogsite and share it instantly with friends and family.


Although packing a whole host of web applications, this phone does not neglect style. Available in two stand-out colours, a funky ‘lime-on-white’ and a chic ‘wine-on-black’ colour, the K660i will earn you admiring glances no matter where you are.

Price and availability

The K660i is currently available in Australia at a RRP of $399.

Source: Sony Ericsson