Sony first with wireless high definition LCD TVs

The first wireless high definition televisions are in stores now – Sony’s ZX1 and EX1 Bravia LCDs. At 9.9 mm, the ZX1 integrates Edge LED lighting – where LEDs are located along the sides of the screen rather than behind it – to achieve its status as the world’s thinnest LCD television, while the EX1 sports Sony’s new picture frame styling and comes with six preloaded images to give the appearance of being a work or art.

Both sets employ ‘Bravia 1080 Wireless’ technology for sending 1080p video and sound from a media box to the TV, located up to 20 metres away. The media box contains the HDTV tuner and most of the video processing circuitry – a factor that allows the televisions to be manufactured so thin – and provides connections for Blu-ray players and other video devices.

All signals are transmitted, without cables, to the remotely located TV, via radio frequency, meaning the media box and sources can be placed behind walls or in another room entirely to the television. The transmission is not buffered, either, but displayed in real-time, with no lag detectable during GadgetGuy’s preview of the products.

All sets incorporate Sony’s Motionflow 100Hz technology, the Bravia Engine2, Bravia Sync technology for operating other Sony products, TrueCinema 24, and USB ports for photo viewing.


The 40 inch ZX1will cost $7,399, with 52, 42 and 40 inch Bravia EX1 models costing $7,099, $6,099 and $5,399 respectively.