Sony offers 4K below $10K with 55, 65 inch UHD pricing

When Sony and LG let the news out that 4K TVs would be arriving, you probably thought you wouldn’t be able to afford them, what with pricing over the $10,000 mark. Good thing that Sony’s recently announced smaller 4K TVs have prices within reach of anyone else looking for a flagship.

Available for pre-order – sorry, you can’t pick these up yet – Sony’s 55 inch and 65 inch 4K TVs will cost $5999 and $8999 respectively, each arriving with a compliment of several 4K Blu-ray titles, delivery, and installation.

These TVs include Sony’s colour processing technology, support for 3D playback, and magnetic speakers, the latter of which is a technology originally created by NASA.

“Sony has pioneered 4K technology here in Australia, and now we’re making this new superior entertainment experience accessible to everyone,” said Sony’s Hass Mahdi, Marketing Manager for Home Entertainment at Sony Australia.

“No matter what you watch – broadcast TV, DVD, Blu-ray, whatever – Sony’s new 4K Ultra HD TVs give viewers stunning audio and visual quality unlike anything they’ve ever experienced.”

The TVs will arrive at stores in July, and potentially your home if you pre-order. It could be a nice end-of-financial-year present, though it won’t be one from our refund.