Sony opens a library, lends you 3D gear for free

A new service by Sony Australia will offer 3D cameras, movies, and games to owners of 3D TVs of all makes.

From February 8, Sony Centres across the country will feature a three-day loan program where owners of 3D TVs can rent gear to help them see the benefit of 3D. On offer are four Sony cameras – including the recently reviewed Sony NEX C3 – two PlayStation 3 titles in 3D, and seven Sony Pictures Blu-ray 3D movies.

Interestingly, the program is open to owners of all 3D TVs and not just models from Sony, affording anyone with a 3D TV a way of trying out 3D cameras or content without plonking down a wad of cash.

“The Sony 3D Library is there to help people make the most of their 3D TV by offering any 3D TV owner the opportunity to create 3D memories they can touch and the chance to trial a 3D product before buying it,” said Neil Stow, the Retail Marketing Manager of Sony Centre. “Personal footage is the latest content that can be experienced in 3D, as well as 3D movies and 3D games.”

Credit card details are required when you check something out, but don’t worry, you’re not being charged, with Sony telling us that customers will be charged the recommended retail price of the product if it’s not returned.