Sony preps a 1TB PS4 with more space for more stuff

While external hard drives can make it possible to bring more games to next-gen consoles, a bigger hard drive inside the system is always better, and that’s what Sony thinks, too.

From mid-July, Sony will be joining the likes of Microsoft which recently announced that a larger edition of its current console, the Xbox One, would be getting an updated hard drive, or more specifically, a bigger internal space for storing games.

That increase allows the PlayStation 4 to have pretty much the same playing field as the Xbox One, with the “PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition” — yes, that’s what Sony is calling it — packing in a 1TB hard drive to replace the 500GB normally found inside the console. That’s it, with no other new features or design elements, with the Blu-ray drive staying the same, the Bluetooth still sitting at 2.1, and WiFi not seeing an update either, stuck at 802.11b/g/n.


Yes people, it’s the hard drive and only the hard drive. With this update, PS4 owners should find more room for games, movies, and anything else you normally store on that drive, with twice the storage comparatively.

Interestingly, while Sony’s upgrade 1TB PS4 doesn’t come out until July 15, the company hasn’t yet announced if its current 500GB model will see a price drop (we asked).

That’s interesting simply because Sony is apparently keeping the same $549.95 recommended retail price for this model, which is pretty much spot on with what you can currently find the 500GB model for at electronics retailers and department stores (we checked).

This makes it worth asking: would you rather buy a 500GB model now if you had to, or wait a couple of weeks for the 1TB version with twice the storage?


We certainly know which group we’d find ourselves in, and we suspect it can’t be long before Sony wakes up to other people in the same boat and drops the current 500GB model in price, with our guess is closer to the $399 mark.

The ball is obviously in Sony’s court for that one, though, with the PlayStation 4 1TB Ultimate Edition arriving in stores from July 15.