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Even from these small segments, you can see that the three and a half years of development time needed for this title really did not go to waste.

Even army guys play video games.

The controls were tight, the graphics fantastic, and the story segments full of tense atmosphere. With limited ammo and a choice of action or stealth, it’s hard not to be impressed not just with the demo, but the varied gameplay styles on offer from the game.

What we’ve seen so far from “The Last of Us” is true survival action, unlike so many past promised titles from other developers that end up being straight action without much fear of not surviving. In fact, at any given moment in this game your life is always on the line, creating some awesome tension and suspense.

We won’t give away anything else, as our review copy is with us and we’re frantically getting stuck into it, but you can look forward to a review early next week.

We have a feeling this is one title you won’t want to miss.

A tongue-in-cheek movie poster from "The Last of Us," with the last film before the infection started wiping out humanity.