Sony's upcoming tablets.

Sony previews its iPad competitor: the Sony Tablet range

We’ve seen tablet announcements from nearly every manufacturer this year, but Sony has been less than forthcoming with the news… until now, that is.

Sony’s debut into the popular tablet market will come with two entries, codenamed S1 and S2. While the names aren’t very creative, the two models will each come with their own twist on what Sony believes a tablet should be.

The S1 is very much like what we’re used to seeing from iPad competition, with an almost-10 inch slate, offering a large 9.4 inch widescreen display, WiFi, 3G, support for DLNA, Google Android Honeycomb, and access to Sony’s PlayStation-certified content, similar to what the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play comes with.

Then there’s the S2, adopting pretty much every feature that we just mentioned in the S1, but changing the screen size to something more like Nintendo’s DSi console uses. The S2 uses two 5.5 inch touchscreen displays fitting together in a way that echoes a flip phone. With this configuration, you’d be able to use one of the 5.5 inch touchscreens as a keyboard while the other works as a monitor.

Timing-wise, don’t expect these out next week. From what we’re hearing, Sony won’t be shipping these until “Fall 2011”, which for us, means not until August or September.