Sony PS4 grabs more catch-up TV this holiday season

If gaming’s not your thing, and yet you still own a PlayStation 4, you’ll be pleased to know that Sony’s next-gen console is now equipped to deal with more streaming television.

Broadcast TV is changing, and while some people still sit down every night to watch their programs, many of us are taking our time, watching the shows we like when we want to thanks to catch-up TV which lets you select the shows you want to when you’re good and ready, streaming them to your computer, phone, or tablet at that time.

Or video game system, as the case is, and while the PlayStation 3 has certainly had its fair share of catch-up services, the PlayStation 4 has lagged behind for the past year.

Now, though, on the verge of everyone going on holiday, Sony has rolled out the goods and brought catch-up services to its next-generation console.

This week, you’ll find downloads ready for Seven’s Plus7 and ABC’s iView joining SBS On Demand and Foxtel Play, the latter of which needs a Foxtel paid subscription, though the rest are free.

“Not only is PlayStation the best place to play this Christmas, it’s the home of leading on-demand content and entertainment services,” said Michael Ephraim, Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment in Australia.

“We are delivering our players a host of exceptional home grown and international TV programs to catch-up on as well as additional ways to enjoy music and movies, just in time for the holidays!”

The services are live now, and provided you have an internet connection for the PlayStation 4, you should be able to get these working, as well as access to other services for the platform, including Quickflix, YouTube, Dailymotion, VidZone, and Qello HD Concerts.