Sony PSPGo vs Sony PlayStation 3 Slim

Brilliant news yesterday, with Sony making all the right moves with its new version of the PS3. More storage, smaller footprint, and the big one, cheaper – moving from $699 to $499. For the cash you get a great games console AND a terrific Blu-ray player.

Today, some less than well-received Sony news. Sony’s new PSPGo, its portable gaming/media device to take on the Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DSi, is going to retail for $449. Granted, the PSPGo is more portable than the PS3, but a $50 difference for two devices that are light years away in terms of power? I almost feel like I’d want to instead jury-rig some sort of battery pack and LCD screen on the new PS3 and lug it around on my shoulder 1980s boom box style. Sure, I’d look ridiculous, and would probably be spending a bit of time with my physiotherapist, what with the matter of just over 3 kg for the PS3 versus 158 grams for the PSPGo, but in the bang for buck stakes, I’d be feeling pretty pleased with myself.

And yes, the PSPGo looks a more powerful and flexible unit than the Nintendo’s new(ish) DSi, but $150 more? How will the PSPGo be a runaway success in a world where devices like the iPhone are becoming all multimedia things to all people?

The PSPGo looks a lovely piece of kit, but the price looks like it will be limit purchasers to early adopter types. Perhaps the ‘street’ price will undercut the hell out of the RRP – you can only hope.

The Sony PSPGo will go on sale on October 1.