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Know anyone who likes electronic, dance, dubstep or trance? If you do or your kids just keep you up with a bit of the “doof doof”, a new audio range is out and ready for your bassy needs.

The term “EDM” might look like another bit of jargon for you to painstakingly look up and remember, but unlike the cacophony of techy terms out there, this is one term that only matters if you’re into EDM already.

Translated, “EDM” actually stands for “electronic dance music” which is the sort of music you might find blaring from radios, blasting from nightclubs, and generally forcing its way out of earbuds, earphones, headphones, and speakers of the youth, and this style of music generally demands one thing from its listeners: bass, and lots of it.

With that in mind, Sony is launching a trio of speakers and a new pair of wireless headphones made to let listeners of this style of music doof doof their way through every door of where they live.


First up are the headphones, and these arrive in the XB650BT, a pair of light weight wireless cans using Bluetooth for that whole wireless tech and providing a maximum of 30 hours of battery life.

The bass is fired up thanks to a 30mm bass driver, and this joins Sony’s headphone range with a supra-aural design, meaning it sits on top of the ears but still offers a plush comfy lining so as to keep the bits on the side of your head comfortable.


There’s a built-in microphone so they can used to talk to people when connected to a phone and a design that is a little flatter than Sony’s h.ear on range though feels almost as durable, with a swivel design made for easy storage.

Pricing on the headphones comes in at $279.95, and that makes it mid-range compared to the rest of the gadgets Sony is dancing into hearts with, because they’re a range of speakers running from $169 to $549.


On the bottom end of the scale is the XB2, a small Bluetooth speaker with a two 42mm drivers and a passive 20 watt radiator for the bass.

This one can be paired with another XB2 and delivers up to 12 hours of battery life, offering a degree of water resistance, coming in at IPX5 meaning it’ll survive a splash or two but not total immersion.


A little bigger is its brother, the XB3, which increases the size and the strength of the sound technology inside, pushing up the bass with two 48mm drivers and two passive 30 watt radiators, thereby making the bottom end a little more pronounced.