Sony puts media in your pocket with a tiny server

How much media do you normally carry with you? If you create content, chances are that it will be a little more than most, and if that includes movies, photos, documents, and music, you’re probably used to simply storing it on your PC, but there is another way.

Designed to support most formats and devices, Sony’s Portable Wireless Server is a new pocket friendly gadget that packages a tiny media server into a palm-size device.

The gadget features a card slot capable of taking Sony’s Memory Stick Duo (does anyone still use this?) and the regular SD cards, with the hardware capable of streaming files from this media wirelessly to several devices over WiFi.

This means that a Mac or Windows computer can connect, as well as iOS devices and Android smartphones and tablets.

A battery charger is also included inside the gadget, useful for recharging smartphones, tables, and cameras, provided they take a typical 500mA USB connection.

“The convenience of the Portable Wireless Server makes it a must-have for the many Australians who are reliant on their mobile devices,” said Abel Makhraz, Marketing Manager for Personal Entertainment at Sony Australia.

“Not only can you easily charge your phone when you’re on the go, but you can backup, upload and share your photos, videos and music.”

While it won’t be useful for everyone, we can see it working for people on holiday as it will mean images shot on any camera can be shared over WiFi to friends and family with compatible devices, and not just seen on the one gadget.

Sony’s Portable Wireless Server won’t be in stores until October, though, with pricing coming closer to launch.