Sony revives Muteki-like sound for a “mini” HiFi speaker

If you’re having a party, you know that you generally need a lot of sound, so much that you can’t simply rely on the same bookshelf or standing speakers you generally have. For those times, you may need something monstrous and packing in the watts.

Special circumstances sometimes calls for special attention, and while modern speakers tend to pack in the power, there are times you just need to call in the big guns.

Fortunately, a few companies still manufacturer big whoppers designed for times when you need that sort of grunt, with Panasonic and Sony still playing in this area in Australia, with lots of colourful lights usually part of the package, too.

Recently, Sony has chimed in with a new model geared at big sound, allowing us to recall the “Muteki” products the company used to push out. This new one isn’t branded as such, but between the amount of power and the lighting, we have to think it’s made in the same image.

That’s essentially what we’re seeing in the MHC-V7D, a large speaker that Sony still calls a “Mini HiFi” system even if it’s far from that.


Rather than be small, this is one large box of a speaker packing in two 4cm tweeters, two 12cm mids, and a 25cm woofer, powered by 1440 watts of power with a sound cavity found on the inside that will push out air through the inside and out the bottom to make the bass just that much punchier.

Controlling the speaker happens up top with a DJ-like crossfading system complete with DJ-like effects — because there’s obviously a DJ lurking inside each and everyone one of us — though you can always skip the controls and just take out your phone and tablet, with controls available through the SongPal app controlling the system over Bluetooth on a compatible iOS or Android device.

Two microphones can also be plugged in here for karaoke, and there are lights.

Yes, we mentioned that colourful lights tend to be a part of this whole party speaker system earlier, and Sony hasn’t let go of that, with lights out of sections of the speaker that can be adjusted using an app, or set to work in time and beat of the songs you’re playing.


Pricing for the Sony MHC-V7D comes in at $799, with Sony stores getting this first, followed by electronics retailers and department stores.