Sony rolls out new cameras: 3D, projectors and panorama take centre stage

Not looking to be left behind, Sony has today launched a slew of new cameras, with more megapixels, zoom, and a couple of tricks no one else seems to have up its sleeve.

Continuing from last year’s waterproof TX series is the TX10 ($599), an upgrade to the TX5 that the GadgetGuy dunked into water around this time last year. Sony has upgraded the weatherproofing here for 5 metres of waterproofing, 1.5 metres of shock resistance, and resistance to temperatures down to -10 C. The new camera uses a 16 megapixel sensor, 4X optical zoom, and features a 3 inch touchscreen that will work underwater.

Strangely, it’s not the top-of-the-line camera in this range, letting the TX100V ($699) take that spot. From what we see, the TX100V lacks the weatherproofing, exchanging those features for a GPS, compass, 1080p Full HD video capture mode, and a 3.5 inch OLED touch screen.

The GPS technology won’t just exist on one camera model, with three Sony HX-series cameras getting it too. Starting from $499 RRP, these models will feature at least 16X optical zoom, a far cry from the 4X the TX offers.

Upgraded since last year, “Sweep Panorama” can now put together multiple images shot in a panoramic sweep and produce a 42.9 megapixel image comprised of several shots taken on the new 16 megapixel cameras.

Over on the video camera side, Sony is adding a tiny projector built into the side of the Handycams. The HDR-PJ10 ($999), PJ30V ($1399), and PJ50V ($1599) models all feature a tiny projector affording you the ability to show off your vacation just like was done in the seventies. You’ll also find Full HD 1080p capture, at least 16GB of storage, GPS tagging, and at least 17x zoom.

And remember that 3D thing we keep hearing about? Well Sony’s push into 3D content is quite noticeable this year, with most of the cameras on offer featuring an image mode that will capture 3D images even if there’s only one lens.

There will be, however, two dedicated 3D video camera options.

The first is the Bloggie 3D, a $499 camera introduced at CES earlier this year that features a glasses-less 3D screen. Similar to the technology found on the upcoming Nintendo 3DS, the Bloggie 3D will not only shoot 3D video, but also let you view your third dimension footage without the aid of glasses.

If you need a little more quality and control, Sony will be releasing the Double Full HD HDR-TD10, a camera that boasts two Sony G lenses, two CMOS sensors, and two image processors. There’s also a glasses-less 3D touchscreen to use and 64GB of memory capable of recording up to 5 hours of Full HD 3D video or 25 hours of regular (2D) Full HD video.