Sony splashes out with new PS3 colours

Sure, the PlayStation 4 is only likely just around the corner, but don’t let that stop Sony, because if you haven’t yet taken the plunge on a PS3, there are now two more colours to add to the mix.

From late February, Sony will be stocking shelves with “garnet red” and “azurite blue” super-slim PS3s, the model reworked from last year, each with two controllers with the matching colours.

Sony’s red and blue super slim gaming consoles join the black one which already sits on shelves.

With one of the colourful releases, you’ll have access to Sony’s archive of games and Blu-ray movies, as well as online content. Own both colours and you’ll have exactly the same, except twice the console and with a colour scheme that matches the old red and blue glasses.

The console will be arriving on February 21, which is an interesting date, since it is the same as the supposed PlayStation 4 announcement.

We should point out that while we don’t know for sure if a new PlayStation model will be announced on this day, it’s likely Sony will make headlines about the PS4 some time this year, especially since Nintendo released the Wii U last year and competitor Microsoft is expected to announce and possibly release a new Xbox this year.

With that in mind, this is probably a push to get more people buying the current console before the next model arrives, though this doesn’t mean it will be too far out of date.