Sony to make sure PS4s stay in stock from February

Demand is high for Sony’s PlayStation 4, and there’s already a chance that you won’t be able to find one for Christmas, but Sony looks keen to make sure there aren’t any sad faces for the next few months, with more PS4 units being shipped in.

If you were hoping Santa would deliver a PlayStation 4 this Christmas, we’re putting in some good vibes for you, but we wouldn’t be holding our breath.

According to a quick scan of retailers across Australia, there are very few that haven’t been sold, with most retailers telling customers to wait until the new year when the PS4 will be delivered, fulfilling pre-orders in 2014.

This week, Sony has chimed in saying it’s doing what it can do fulfil the “overwhelming demand,” with a new shipment of consoles expected in February, meaning gamers who should be “receiving” a PlayStation 4 at Christmas will actually be waiting a couple more months before the console lands under their TV.

“Since launch on November 29 our priority has always been to get additional stock into Australia as quickly as possible to fulfil the overwhelming demand,” said Michael Ephraim, Managing Director at Sony Computer Entertainment Australia.

“The best way to guarantee your PS4 in February is by going to your preferred retailer, either in store or online, before Christmas to place your pre-order. With this announcement, it looks like Christmas will come again in February for players across Australia.”

If you do end up finding a PS4 at a retailer and you’re keen for one, you’ll probably want to take that chance to buy it, because retailers appear to be out of stock everywhere, and with over 2.1 million PS4s sold in the first two weeks, we’re not totally surprised.