Sony to tackle more than just the smart watch in 2014

If you missed the news that more companies will be vying for a piece of your wrist, here’s another dose of that, as Sony unveils its own smart band, which isn’t quite the Sony SmartWatch that the company updated last year, with a focus more on tracking your fitness in the SmartBand than on telling the time.

Interestingly, the SmartBand is part of Sony’s SmartWear Experience,” which will be about more than just tracking fitness, and will endeavour to record your life through photos, too.

The SmartBand is just the start, however, tracking movement and sleep, and sending the information to an Android app which Sony called the Lifelog.

Updates to your own life will be sent to the Sony SmartBand in the form of vibrations, so you know when you check your phone for phone calls, tweets, SMS, and even if you’re walking away from your phone without realising it.

LEDs can be seen on the side of the band, music can be controlled wirelessly from your phone, and there is even an ability to “log” a special moment by simply touching the band, though we’re trying to find out more information about how this one works.

The SmartBand is also water resistant, taking a beating through IP58 certification, which makes it totally waterproof and able to be worn at all times.

One of the more interesting parts of the SmartBand, though, is that the technology can be removed and transplanted to another wrist strap, similar to what Fitbit has used in its Flex fitness monitoring strap.

Pick a colour, any colour, and then just put the SmartBand core inside that colour band.

Indeed, it looks like one of the most integrated smart bands we’re likely to see all year, going beyond the wrist-based fitness tracker and notifier LG has set its LifeBand up to be.

The good news is that Australia will be getting this product, too, though the release and pricing aren’t yet known.

Stay tuned, because we’ll keep you updated.