Sony turns out a huge mid-range for phablet lovers

Big phones are all the rage not just because you get a bigger display to work with, but also because you get a bigger battery, too. But if you want one of these, you may have to fork out a big wad of cash… and then maybe not.

Sony seems keen on bucking that trend, launching a mid-range option that just barely pushes $500 and yet delivers a massive 6 inch display for the money.

Called the Xperia C5 Ultra, its 6 inch display relies on a Full HD 1920×1080 panel, which means it will offer around 367 pixels per inch, higher than that of the iPhone 6S, but lower than that of the iPhone 6S Plus. Still, good luck telling the difference, as your eye should still be thoroughly happy all the same, with fairly clear visuals expected on this set of screen specs.

Under the hood, there’s an eight-core processor on offer with 2GB RAM and up to 16GB storage, though there’s room to move via a microSD card if you need to.


Google’s Android 5.0 runs natively here with Sony’s slight Android overlay offered up, though we’re checking with Sony to find out if and when version 6.0 — Marshmallow — will roll out to the new phone.

Connections are pretty standard here ,with Sony saying you can expect 4G LTE, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and Near-Field Communication (NFC), but the real star of the C5 Ultra is the set of cameras, with Sony equipping the 6 inch smartphone with a 13 megapixel camera on each side, which it calls an “industry first”.

“Following the popularity of the Xperia C4, we are excited to introduce Sony’s advanced PROselfie smartphone,” said John Featherstone, Head of Business Development for the Asia Pacific region and Market Head for Oceania at Sony Mobile Communications.

“The Xperia C5 Ultra raises the bar when it comes to its advanced camera capabilities, sleek design and powerful productivity designed for a mid-range smartphone. With its 13MP front and rear camera, it’s the ultimate smartphone for the selfie-enthusiast, guaranteeing quality shots every time.”


While we’re not quite sure the Xperia C5 Ultra technically offers an industry first for dual 13 megapixel cameras — we’re pretty sure HTC had that in last year’s Desire Eye — it is the first time two 13 megapixel cameras have been matched with a Sony Exmor RS sensor, with the front camera enhanced with a wide angle lens to let more of the frame in.

Pricing on this one appears to be aimed squarely at the mid-range, though, with no telcos taking it and only The Good Guys and Sony stores getting it for $549 in black, white mint. Availability on this one is now, however, so if the mid-range is firmly where you’re planted, you’ll find this in stores, well, now.