Sony unveils a 3D display that makes split-screen gaming big

Aside from a new PlayStation Portable, Sony has this week released info on a new 3D TV that will let two gamers see two distinct screens using special 3D glasses.

Branded with a PlayStation logo, Sony’s new 24 inch Full HD LCD uses a 240Hz panel to communicate with special 3D glasses that will be bundled with the display. These glasses will apparently include a button that – when pressed – shows a different screen to each set of glasses.

Designed primarily for gamers and introduced at this week’s Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, the 3D display will allow two gamers to play in 3D multiplayer gaming mode without the “split-screen” that normally comes with this style of gameplay. As such, the full 24 inch screen size will be available to each gamer.

Pricing for Australia has yet to be announced, but Sony has told American journalists that it should come in at $US499, giving us some hope that this innovative new 3D display could come in at a competitive price locally.


  1. I love this idea, finally a good use of the 3D glasses. Im not a big fan of 3D movies, to me they just dont add very much to my movie experience im still happy to watch a movie normally on the big screen.
    The ability for 2 players to see seperate displays is just fantastic and ingenious! Finally you can play a proper fps without seeing where others are and being able to view a whole screen instead of those usually too small split screen displays. Finally we can get that immersive on the edge online experience with no lag! Cant wait to play this with racing games, FPS and even simple downloadable games should be able to use this techonolgy to its potential by developing card games where only you can see your cards!

  2. They should really make different models of this and also target it towards average families. The perfect solution when people want to watch different things at once, especially with kids! 

    I could be Sony’s project manager couldn’t I? Got any contacts for Sony Gadget Guys? *Laughs at own joke*

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