Sony updates the PS3, just not in the way you want

Lovers of a good game or two are probably aware that the Tokyo Game Show is on right now, with the latest in video gaming being showcased in Japan for the next few days. Sony is up first to bat, announcing a new model of the PlayStation 3, but it’s probably not what you were expecting.

Designed to be smaller, the new PlayStation isn’t a dramatic change from where it was last year – or yesterday – just slimmer, with choices of either a base 12GB flash model version for $299.95 or a 500GB hard drive model for $399.95, both arriving on September 27.

There’s still the same chip and processing technology, married with the Blu-ray drive and support for Sony’s catalogue of over 3,000 titles, but the console is now lighter.

It’s also the seventh year that Sony has had the PlayStation 3, so here’s hoping we get a new console – a PlayStation 4, maybe? – next year.