Sony Walkman W series – the music goes round your head

Sony recently showed off some of its new tech for 2009, and one of the highlights was the Walkman W series – an MP3 player that fits around the head – literally – so there’s no wires getting in the way of your arms.

Boasting a stylish cord-free design, the Walkman W series is perfect for people who want a simple and hassle free MP3 player while on the go. The ultra portable W series is compact, with a lightweight body, and fits comfortably behind the neck so users can be on the move without the inconvenience of wires.

A quick charge feature has been incorporated in this model, allowing users to play back up to 90 minutes of music with only a three minute charge and up to 12 hours of music with a full charge. In addition to the enhanced sound quality provided by its 13.5 mm EX headphones, the Walkman W series MP3 player also includes Sony’s ZAPPIN function, which offers an effortless way of browsing, searching and listening to music without a display. The ZAPPIN mode helps you find tunes easily by playing a four or 15 second snippet of each song in the music library until a favourite song is selected.

The ‘Content Transfer’ software supplied with both the X and W series Walkman allows you to easily transfer non-DRM music files from online music services such as, iTunes™, to the Walkman through ‘drag and drop’.

The Walkman X series will be available in black with 16GB and 32GB internal storage. The Walkman W series is available in black, white, pink, violet and lime with 2GB internal storage.

Price and availability

The W series Walkman are on sale now, at an RRP of $119.

Source: Sony and GadgetGuy staff