Sony X9000C

Sony’s 2015 TVs take thin to the next level

We’ve seen Samsung’s take on new TVs, and now it’s time to see what Sony has in store for the world, as it improves 4K processing and thinks thin for its 2015 slate.

The new TVs for Sony will include nine models, and they range in size from the 49 inch mark hitting all the way up to 75 inches, some of which rely on a “floating style” and give off the impression that the TVs are very, very, very thin.

In fact, they’re so thin that Sony is calling the 2015 range of its “thinnest range of TVs yet”, with the three models making up the X9000C (55 and 65 inch models) and X9100C (75 inches) sitting at 4.9mm at the thinnest part, which appears to be the screen.

Sony’s screen will rely on its Triluminos technology (what has often been described as a form of quantum dot technology) and boasts solid reproductions of primary colours, providing excellent colour range and consistency across picture quality, while the screen boasts a resolution of 3840×2160, what is commonly known as the Ultra HD resolution.

Sony X9000C

That display will push against the bulk of the hardware for the television, a box that will incorporate Sony’s 4K X1 Processor for enhanced clarity and contrast, while the 4K X-Reality Pro algorithm will make sure images upscale to look their best on the UHD panels.

There are even some innards to make Google’s Android TV run, with support for Google Cast and Voice Search, as well as apps loading through Google Play. It’s not exactly like Android, that said, and the interface aims to deliver something more useful for a TV than needing a mouse or touch to get around, since neither are included.

Sony X9400C

Not all the screens are uber-thin, and the X9300C (65 inch) and X9400C (75 inch) will increase the size a little bit, adding front-facing speakers that are now deep and rich enough to support high-resolution audio, but jutting out a little more from that stand’s point of view.

Models in Sony’s low-end of the UHD market are also not as thin, though you’ll find less exy TVs in the X8300C (49 inch) and X8500C (55, 65, and 75 inch) UHD TVs, all of which include the X1 processor for image control and X-Reality Pro for upscaling, though the X8300C misses out on the Triluminos display technology.

Sony X9000C

We’ll say one thing: we like what we’re seeing in the X9000C and X9100C, with a very elegant style that makes the TV seem all display, and while we’re interested in Sony’s X9300C and X9400C because of the high-res audio component, we’re a little curious as to why this matters when most people considering HRA will likely end up with an amp or dedicated audio system for high-end audio playback.

That said, you should get to see it for yourself later this year when Sony sends these to Australia. We’re expecting them during the typical home theatre change over, which is generally between March and May.