Sony’s 4G Xperia E to hit Telstra, C4 outright in Dick Smith

It seems like every day we’re seeing the launch of a new smartphone, though technically this week, there have already been three.

Shortly after Huawei got to talking about its new P8 smartphone, Sony is chiming in with two more models, as it finds a local release for the 4G variant of the recently reviewed E4, and Sony’s selfie-modelled C4 smartphone, too.

First the Xperia E4g, which is essentially the same phone we checked out last week, but with access to 4G networks.

That access to the faster 4G networks will bring about an increase of $20 bringing it to a recommended retail price of $149, making it pretty clear Sony will likely be pushing this model instead of the 3G only model we checked out.


“Xperia E4 set out to bring many of the premium features people expect of Sony to more affordable devices,” said John Featherstone, Head of Business Development in the APAC region for Sony Mobile. “Xperia E4g brings that same quality and ease of use – but with super-fast 4G LTE connectivity.”

Telstra has the exclusive on this one, though, so if you’re keen on this one, you’ll have to grab it on the telco.


It won’t be arriving in stores alone, though, as Sony’s “selfie smartphone” comes to shelves shortly in the form of the C4.

Previously announced back in May, the C4 packs in a 5.5 inch Full HD display, eight-core processor, 4G LTE connectivity, 2600mAh battery, and a combination of a 13 megapixel rear camera with flash as well as a 5 megapixel front-facing camera with its own flash and wide angle lens.

The last two features are particularly important for a phone branded as a “selfie smartphone” as they help to solidify that placement, with a little more power for those people who don’t mind a self-portrait in even the darkest of environments.

“Xperia C4 caters to consumers that want a smartphone that not only takes great photos, but also packs a punch,” said Featherstone.

“Benefiting from Sony’s camera expertise, the 5MP front-facing camera with wide-angle lens lets you capture perfect selfies, while its quality display and performance provides an all-round advanced smartphone experience.”


Pricing on the Xperia C4 is a little higher than that of the E4g, hardly surprising given the difference in technologies found underneath, and you’ll find this one in stores shortly outright for $499.

As for availability, Sony is eyeing Dick Smith and its Move stores for where you’ll find Xperia devices, sending word that aside for Sony stores, these are the new places that will feature the devices.

Select telcos will still carry various devices, but when it comes to outright products, there will be physical locations from the presence of these places that will cater to people looking to pick up and hold a phone, rather than order online like many do.

In any case, availability for each of the handsets should be now, with Telstra and the various stores putting them on shelves shortly.

Sony's Xperia E4g. It looks a lot like the Sony Xperia E4. Probably because it's more or less the same, give or take an extra SIM card slot.
Sony’s Xperia E4g. It looks a lot like the Sony Xperia E4. Probably because it’s more or less the same, give or take an extra SIM card slot.