Sony’s a6000 announced with some of the fastest autofocus

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With improvements in technology, our cameras are getting better than ever. They capture images that are sharper and clearer, and in the case of one camera, provide the fastest autofocus of any interchangeable lens camera.

That “one camera” is the a6000, a recently announced Sony A series body built from the research and experience the company has derived from its NEX series devices.

An evolution of that platform, the a6000 improves upon previous NEX cameras with a more refined body. This not only looks well built, but is easy to grip too, and holds within some impressive technology that should provide enough longevity to suit most photographers.

Inside the Sony a6000 is a new 24.3 megapixel Exmor HD CMOS sensor sized like the APS sensors used in many a digital SLR body, and supporting of ISO 100 to 25600, Full HD video, and with WiFi and Near-Field communication also thrown into the camera for sending photos directly to smartphones and tablets.

But if you’ve come for the high-speed autofocus technology, you’ll be treated to 179 phase-detection autofocus points and what Sony says is the “world’s fastest autofocus performance,” making it possible to acquire autofocus in 0.06 seconds.

In essence, blink and the Sony a6000 has acquired focus on your subject, ready for you to look through the OLED viewfinder (which Sony calls a “Tru-finder”) and fire of your shots.

That viewfinder will also allow you to see a preview of your image settings, with focus, exposure, and other things represented clearly before you fire, taking the guesswork commonly associated with digital cameras out of the equation.

Availability for the Sony a6000 is timed for April in Australia, with pricing set to start at $1199 with one lens, the Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 included.