Sony’s Android tablet duo looking good for September

Two Android tablets made by Sony possibly coming in September, based on an unofficial confirmation we’ve received from the company.

According to a source in senior management at Sony, GadgetGuy was told that Sony’s previously announced tablets would be released very soon, likely off the back of Germany’s IFA expo – the European equivalent of the Consumer Electronics Show held every year.

Codenamed the S1 and S2, the tablets will cater to two different users, with the S1 offering a 9.4 inch slate-style tablet experience similar to the iPad, while the S2 uses two 5.5 inch touchscreen displays in a folding design reminiscent of the Nintendo DS. Both tablets will include WiFi, 3G, DLNA support, with access to Sony’s Qriocity platform for music and movies thrown in too.

The Sony S1 will feature a 9.4 inch screen, while the S2 will use two 5.5 inch screens in a folding computer.