Sony’s latest Walkman DVE7000S Portable DVD Player


Why should a home-cinema experience be limited to your houseĀ – grab some popcorn and bring it along with Sonyys latest Walkman DVE7000S Portable DVD Player. View movies, share photos and play your favourite music on your next camping trip, at a picnic in the park or even flying on a plane. Therees no need to download music or movies, simply grab a DVD or CD and pop it straight into this simple-to-use portable player. So lightweight, this slim DVD player offers convenient and flexible entertainment while on the go.

The portable DVD player weighs a mere 775g and is sheathed in a sleek black and durable casing which is only 2.8 cm thick with a generous seven inches screen.The embedded lithium-ion battery eliminates the need for a bulky design, ensuring versatile viewing and ultraportability. Long lasting stamina will screen movies for up to three hours, or keep those music tracks rolling for up to seven hours.

Features such as optional dual headphone jacks and supplied headphones makes sharing so simple, while the car power adaptor is perfect for those long trips away from home. Sony has taken its Walkman expertise in personal audio and fused it with superior display technologies, delivering a versatile entertainment device. By focusing on innovation for the mobile lifestyle, Sonyys Walkman Portable DVD Player merges essential home cinema technologies into an all-in-one travelling must-have,, said Suzanna Gan, Personal Audio Product Manager at Sony Australia.

Extensive playback formats

For endless entertainment, the DVE7000S offers an expansive range of playback formats including DVD, DVD+-R/+-RW, DVD+/-R and dual layer discs. The Walkman Portable DVD Player also supports the commonly used DIVx, MP3 and JPEG formats, for increased flexibility. Boasting numerous output options such as video in/out to a camera, game system or television, so many choices ensure the kids will remain quiet in the back seat.

>Compatibility and straightforward features have been major considerations in developing this easily transportable device. By offering numerous playback options and eliminating the need to download media applications, Sonyys DVD Walkman has brought a new meaning to quality, portable entertainment,,
continued Gan.

Ultimate mobility and surround sound

Sonyys Walkman Portable DVD Player offers a simple solution for active lifestyles. Complete with a credit card size remote, navigation is a breeze and all pieces pack up nicely into the custom made slip case. The multi-purpose cradle also works as a charging dock and AC adaptor. To provide dynamic and true-to-life audio, the speaker cradle incorporates 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital Surround Sound, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in rich sound quality.

The Sony DVE7000S portable DVD player is supplied with a docking station, remote control, AC power adaptor, car adaptor (cigarette lighter), DVD Walkman slipcase and headphones.

Source: Sony Australia