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Sony has seen some success with its “Z” smartphones, but this year, it will be adding a new range, bringing two day battery life and Alpha-grade camera tech to phones with an “X” in the name.

Mobile World Congress has seen some interesting devices already, what with new flagships from the likes of Samsung and LG, and now Sony looks keen to show off what it has been working on.

Going in, we weren’t sure we’d see much from the company, what with recent flagship phone releases just before the end of 2015, but it turns out Sony is using this event to surprise us, and everyone else.

And surprise us, it has, with a new range of phones that already has three in the line-up, making a move for the middle of where people normally spend from what we can tell.


This is the “X” series of smartphones , and it’s one that Sony says is about a new vision for technology which will “make every day smarter and simpler”.

“With our continued passion for technology, we will keep adding new and exciting features to evolve our smartphones,” said John Featherstone, Head of Business Development for Sony Mobile Communications in the Asia Pacific region.

“At the same time, we want to change how you access information and interact with friends and family in a closer, natural and more meaningful way.”


That new vision starts with this “X” series of devices, which like the previous “Z” series taps some of the technology from existing Sony divisions to result in what should be a solid all-round product.

Take the camera, for instance, which has been developed according to Sony “in close collaboration with Sony’s a [Alpha] camera engineers”.

We’ve seen Sony’s Exmor sensors used in Sony smartphones before, but in the Xperia X and X Performance smartphones, we’ll apparently see a camera engine able to predict the motion of a subject to make sure the image is always in focus.


Sony has a department that is all about TVs, too, with its Bravia division likely going to the display for the phone and at least one model that imitates Sony’s TVs for an edge-to-edge display.

Inside the smartphones, Sony is leveraging processors from the likes of Qualcomm and MediaTek depending on the model, and Sony’s smart battery management system is also here, left from the previous Xperia Z smartphones, which could get as long as two days of battery life dependent on the phone in question.