Sony’s new energy efficient rechargeable batteries

Sony Australia has released a new range of energy-efficient Ni-MH (nickel metal hydride) rechargeable batteries that have low self-discharge, plus a new battery charger pack.

Cycle Energy Blue Rechargeable Batteries are pre-charged which means it can be used straight out of the pack just like any disposable alkaline battery. However, unlike alkaline batteries they are rechargeable up to 1,000 times, which is equivalent of saving 999 Alkaline Batteries! The batteries retain their battery power after one year when stored correctly and are suitable for household electrical items such as torches, remote controls and radios, as the low self discharge allows for long- term usage.

The new rechargeable batteries from Sony can be recharged using Sony’s Cycle Energy Blue Power Charger. Slim and lightweight for ultra-portability, it can be used as a travel companion anywhere around with world (batteries have a voltage range of AC 100V – 240V). It is compatible with any Sony AA and AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery and uses an LED indicator to show when it’s charging. To avoid overcharging, a safety timer automatically stops charging after seven hours.