Sony’s next-gen Tablet Z coming by mid-year

The new 10 inch tablet from Sony announced near the beginning of this year, but just after CES, has a release date, with availability announced at Mobile World Congress in Spain.

The next entrant in the Xperia range – just after the Xperia Z, which hits stores in March – will be, according to Sony representatives, hitting stores in Q2 of this year, which essentially means somewhere between April and June.

Sony’s update to its fold-over design Tablet S from 2011 looks to be a bold update, featuring a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, Android 4.1, 10.1 inch Full HD screen (slightly higher, actually, with 1920×1200 resolution), and a design that makes it thinner than the iPad Mini at 6.9mm thick.

Keeping with the theme of the Xperia Z, it has a very clean minimalistic look while still being dust and water resistant, and including some of the neat features like “Battery Stamina” mode appearing on the Xperia Z smartphone.

Pricing has yet to be announced for the 10 inch slate, though Sony has confirmed that it will be available in both black and white finishes, and with a selection of accessories at launch.

  1. I keep telling myself that I don’t want or need a tablet but I’ve finally changed my mindset after reading several reviews on the Xperia Z.
    The water resistance, the weight, the build quality, the leading edge hardware and the promise of the latest version of Jelly Bean shortly after release. Also I believe it won ‘best tablet’ at the WMC recently. It’s just about having a fully fledged pc that’s mobile, but I’m also reducing my Greenhouse footprint.
    All this adds up to something that will comfortably replace my desktop. Question is how to sell the home PC.

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