Sony’s Next Generation Portable arriving later this year

Mobile gaming looks set to heat up later this year, with Sony announcing a new portable gaming system armed with more power and features than you can throw a joystick at.

The new console is only known by “Next Generation Portable” or “NGP” at the moment, and is being touted as the “ultimate portable entertainment experience.”


While we’ve yet to see one up close, Sony have jammed a ton of technology into this thing. We’re seeing a huge 5 inch OLED touchscreen on the front with an extra touch pad on the back, both front and rear cameras, built-in microphone, motion control technology (similar to the SixAxis technology found in PlayStation 3 controllers), GPS, WiFi b/g/n, 3G mobile connection, Bluetooth 2.1, graphics similar to that of the PlayStation 3, and a high speed quad-core processor.

On paper, Sony’s NGP has more technical oomph than an iPad, and that’s quite impressive.


Sadly, no word on price just yet, but expect to hear more about as we inch closer to the end of the year.