Sony’s wearables updated at IFA, with a new SmartBand and SmartWatch

Wearables are the new big thing, and while Samsung talks up its new watches and bands, Sony has a couple of its own, with updates to its own range of products.

Announced at IFA in Germany, consumers will be able to get their hands and wrists into a couple of new Sony products shortly, with an update to the SmartBand that brings more technology, and a change to Sony’s SmartWatch that brings it in-line with Google’s vision of a wearable future.

First up, we’ll talk the SmartBand, which is now the “SmartBand Talk,” adding voice control so you can talk directly to it to control it.

It also looks a little different, and that’s because the plastic sensor that sits inside of a rubber or silicone band is getting a major change, with the addition of a 1.4 inch display to help communicate information in more than just the current generation’s set amount of buzzes.

In fact, it’s not a display like the other gadgets are using, with OLED and AMOLED ignored, and Sony opting for an e-paper display similar to the technology Pebble uses in its smartwatches.

This screen type always stays on, is low power, and clear, though will — from what we understand — only be in monochrome.

Sony’s sensors here are changing slightly, with improvements to the accelerometers and altimeters to work out how you move and walk, run, climb, sending this information to your phone.

Water and dust resistance is still important, and this will be kept around, with IP68 certification.

But the SmartBand Talk is about movement and fitness, and if that’s not your cup of tea, no worries, because Sony is joining the Android Wear club.

Already, Sony has had a couple of tries at its own Android-powered smartwatch, and while they may not have been the glowing success the Pebble has been, Sony is trying again, joining forces with Google to make an Android Wear compatible product, like the LG G Watch already available in Australia.

For the Sony SmartWatch 3, you’ll see a 1.6 inch square display with a 320×320 touchscreen display, waterproofing rated to IP68, 4GB storage, several sensors, and a standard microUSB port.

One particular interesting feature we haven’t seen is that it will let you use that 4GB storage, throwing music on the watch and connecting as Bluetooth headset to the SmartWatch 3 to go running to, letting you leave the phone at home.

Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t announced prices or availability dates for Australia, but has said both will be coming to Australia, so we’ll let you know when we know, though, we’d expect both when the months get warmer, so think somewhere between October and November, and you’re probably on the right track.