Sound on the go with the Creative TravelSound Zen V


The TravelSound Zen V speaker system is a stylish and compact way to listen to your favourite music indoors or outdoors ? enabling you to share your music with friends at the beach, on holidays, at a party or simply relaxing at home. By simply docking the Zen V Plus into the unit, the TravelSound Zen V gives you the best of both worlds – the highest quality audio in a convenient and portable package.

The Creative Labs TravelSound Zen V speakers allow you to charge your Creative Zen V Plus MP3 player and play tunes through the four premium 36mm full range NeoTitanium? micro drivers at the same time.

With a battery life of up to 25 hours, the TravelSound Zen V speakers enable you to enjoy uninterrupted music or listen to your favourite track non stop. If you?ve heard all the tunes on your Zen V Plus a million times, simply extend the TravelSound Zen V?s built-in antenna and listen to your favourite FM radio station.

The TravelSound Zen V speakers also feature a Wide Stereo Effect, so you can listen to a wider, more immersive audio playback.

Featuring an extensive range of features such as dual power options, wireless infrared remote, wide stereo effect, clear FM radio reception, and the ability to transfer music via the super-fast USB, the Creative TravelSound Zen V Plus speakers pack a lot of punch in a tiny, glossy black package.

Pricing and availability

The Creative Labs TravelSound Zen V speakers are available now in major retail outlets in Australia for $149.95 RRP.

Source: Creative